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RAP Overview

The RAP Advisor is a web based application that recommends OGC Standards and ORM Sections that are relevant to a system development; such that a community of interest can derive and build a profile of suitable OGC standards to meet their specific needs.

The RAP Advisor will allow you to interact with the OGC Knowledge Base to help determine the scope of your project and relevant OGC standards to facilitate your development.

User Guide:

RAP Advisor User Guide

Thank you for using the newly developed RAP Advisor. We appreciate your input and interest in this new OGC tool.

The guide consists of two phases:

  • Guided introduction to the RAP Advisor, ~5 min
    • Download a self guided script.
    • Watch the Guided Exercise below.
    • Your unscripted exploration of the Advisor, ~15 min

    At the end of the session you can choose to keep the Profile Report that you developed during the evaluation or delete it from your system.


RAP Instructions:

  • Enter details of your program and its major geospatial requirements.
  • Discover and Identify applicable standards and documents via various mechanisms of lookup within the OGC Reference Model (ORM).
  • Iterate the discovering and identification process until you are satified with your selection of documents.
  • Build a report that outlines the standards that are deemed appropriate to fulfill your needs.
  • Optionally, you can export the report to Microsoft Word.

Collection of your Program details:

Please enter a program or project overview that will help us to identify your geospatial interoperability needs. Specific requirements may assist in helping the RAP Advisor to identify better responses for future development.

First Name: (Optional - will be used to personalize your report)

Last Name: (Optional - will be used to personalize your report)

Organization: (Optional - will be used to personalize your report)

Email: (Optional - will be used to personalize your report and send to you)

Password:(Optional - for future editing capability)

Program Name: (Optional - will be used to personalize your report)

Session: (Name of this session, only necessary if you will be doing multiple reports.)

Program Details: